Monday, May 31, 2010

On Communication

What a great Memorial Day Weekend. Its 3:35pm and I am home and unpacked and sitting at my air conditioned desk. my loving husband went to return the rental car across town and the children have disbursed to their various corners of the house to begin their 'returning home' rituals. What this means for;

13 year old Head to Guest Room and check out his friends'IM's
12 year old Head to the Indian Room (den) and play XBOX
10 year old and 4 year old Are putting together all the IRON MAN
toys they got at WALMART on our stop driving home
8 year old Head to the back playroom
6 year old Organizing her markers in the library

Its completely peaceful here and now.

and its my chance to start the process on better communication with all my children.

Listening to Anthony Robbins "Live with Passion" audio discs in the car on the way home, I was fortunate enough to have the COMMUNICATION disc be the one I choose.

The entire car ride listened to Tony Robbins teach us that the goal to being a better communicator is to NEVER, NEVER questions someones intentions.

You can question their behavior but you can never questions their intentions.
You have to assume their intentions are good. They are your children. They are good.

There have been times when I have broken this rule....and now I have a chance to prove to my children by using better words that I might have broken this rule, but I dont want to break it ever again !

Another lesson we learned is that every situation has two sides. There is no benefit in making sure that you prove that the other person is wrong. From that position, what can they feel, how can they learn.

You can offer up your side of the situation......and eventually your influence will improve as your side continues to prevail.

Good luck in your communications !

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