Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Choices

I made the choice to allow my son to tell me I can not see his play ! He needs control! Its his play and though I support all that he does, you have to choose your battles and give some power away !

He had a very physical altercation with one of his brothers and as I punished him I told him I would do the same if anyone ever punched him !

So I was upset when I left the school, he saw that I was but I am stronger and wiser and we are closer in our ability to respect each others positions....even if not in agreement.



You took the control back
and thats ok
Even if I didnt want it that way

So what, there were tears
I have real feelings
I have real fears

No one has the right to punch you
Even if playful
Even in Jest
I will also protect you as I protect the rest

But your Strong and you are Wise
and you are put to the test

I already know your a STAR
without hearing a line
I forsake my own needs
To know that your fine !

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