Saturday, May 1, 2010

On Children Misbehaving

On Children Misbehaving

Children misbehaving and Parents behaving incredibly well! Parents who are able to step above the BEHAVIOR and see that this person that they love, this child of theirs, (or another’s) this very young person who whether 5 or 10 or 13 are just so young and learning…..

And has not

*The ability to filter all that is coming at them

*The ability to make the RIGHT thumbs up choice when
Dealing with emotions all the time

Do we?

You lean over to give your child a hug, and accidently elbow your child in the face
And they run away completely upset at you, what do you do?

I said to my friend yesterday

“I am not getting on the roller coaster ride today”

I was referring to my eldest son’s emotional state.

The other day I was picking up a younger one of mine at school and there was this hysterical child, I mean the hiccupping type crying, above the regular cry.
I was not listening, and I am not judging, but what I did hear at the end was the mother screaming for her child to pick up the backpack and follow her. It seems the mother was walking away and the child would not pick up the back pack in some type of power play!

I have to share a story. I standing in line at the airport and my hands were completely full with all the carry on I had since I did not check luggage. My purse, a pulling travel bag, the passports and tickets in my hands, and my daughter did not want to carry her travel bag. It was one of those color the front yourself tog bags.She actually threw it down on the floor and said I am not carrying this to the plane.

I left it there! That was it! and we boarded the plane without it !

Now I am not saying I would have left her coat there! As I needed her to have her coat, but this was her personal bag with her things and that was that.

I think children misbehaving is most corrected by parents choosing to pick their battles. Parents rising above the words and displays that are in front of us to be able to

Visually see yourself consoling…………….Unconditional Love

Congratulations to all those amazing parents who I have in my life. I see you and I admire who you are and all that you do!

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