Thursday, May 20, 2010


Free Bicycle Helmuts for NYC Bike Riders Adults and Children

We have been biking to school since the return from Spring Break and it has been amazing. As long as we continue to stay away from:

-Second Avenue Subway Construction
-Older ladies walking slowly on the sidewalks

We are having a great time.

We want to give you a chance to dust off those bikes in storage and lock them up outside so they are accessible, and get yourself a new bike helmet.

Did you know you can go to the local hardware store and buy chain by the yard to lock up your bikes for about $2.00 per yard? Did you know you can buy one multiple locks that all have the same code so all keys open all locks from the same local hardware store?

New York City Department of Transportation invites you to
a Helmet Giveaway

DATE: Saturday, May 22
TIME: 10:00am-2:00pm
PLACE: Carl Schurz Park
East End and 86th Street Main entrance

WHO CAN COME: parents must be with children under 18, helmets
available for all ages and sizes while supplies last

QUESTIONS: Council Lappins Office at 212 980-1808

NEED A BIKE, There are many local bike shops offering many selections
at a premium. ($200-$400)

NEED A BIKE CHEAP: You can order a childrens bike on line from KMART or
TARGET or WALMART or OVERSTOCK.Com (for about $49.99-$139.99)

Of course when you get the bike in the mail from UPS it will be in a lightweight box which you can taxi over to PETER at the bike shop on third avenue and 111th street and he will put it together for $25.00. Peters number 212-410-1144 HEAVY METAL BIKE SHOP. Of course you can call him and he can also pick up and deliver the bike box and return the bike assembled and you will still have at least $100.00 on the Bike project

and get a Free helmet!

Get Tips from Raising Six Children In New York

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Joanie D said...

great advice we love to bike too!
Don't forget Craig's list for cheap kids bikes. Just sold 2 old ones and bought 2 'new to us' ones.
added benefit of already being assembled.