Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On Being Kind

Its a funny thing, being kind. Because being kind is such a simple thing to do, SILENTLY.

I notice the nasty face a pedestrian made this morning when my six year old, in crossing the street between blocks on her tricycle, got a little to close to her.

This nasty face....and snearing sound which came from her mouth spread a small evil germ to everyone around. To the other people also walking by, to me, feeling bad, a person in this world really can be brought so easily to a low place, by a bike riding child!

I wonder how these people are living ! Are they living completely without passion
that they can not see the joy in a child learning to ride a bike in New York City?
Is being kind being happy with your life, to offer love and kindness to another.

Then I thought of last night. Someone who helps out with laundry in our house, who always takes the summers off, asked is she can work this summer and make extra money.
I immediately thought I would love to help out this girl, as the world would be a better place if we all just helped out those around us.

She knows that there would be no laundry around as our family will be exploring America for the most part, but she wanted to straighten up the house and keep it
tidy and dust free while we are away.

My first reaction was, she has never dusted the rooms around the laundry room, while the laundry is running. But I am kind and I know it must be hard for this person to ask so I will invite them to come once a week during the summer to be kind !

I am kind to my children by being a good listener even when the eight year old wants to explain all 100 yu gi oh cards, I show interest and in share kindness, I hope to teach my children by my actions !

Teach your children kindness today !

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bharris1 said...

Hi- I am new to your blog and absolutely love this post! I can relate to this as well. Just last weekend, I am an ABA therapist and I work with children who have Autism. On the weekends I do home care and community outings. I was walking with the girl I see on Saturday's and the sidewalk got a little narrow and there was a scaffolding on the UES on 3rd ave. All of a sudden an older woman said "excuseeeeeeee me" in a very rude way. I was actually trying to move over being that the kid I work with walks a little slow. As I was moving her over I said to the lady "we are trying to move over she has special needs!" The lady was overly sorry and apologetic. What was the rush!? Didn't she see me with a kid? It takes such little effort to be kinder and nicer and watch the way we speak to people and our actions.Kudos for teaching your kids at a young age to be kind because I truly believe its an amazing quality to have!