Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Schedules and Travel

Raising six children causes me to naturally make schedules for the children to
be able to participate in activities simultaneously that are age appropriate.

Without schedules I would be making one person happy at a time
....Which usually means the other people are being dragged around....or on idle
mode on their computer in the room.

And do I not bring their computers???? Being a good parent means recognizing
what makes me happy in my world isn't the same as what what's them happy in
their world and should I not allow their computers on their vacations
If it makes them happy ??

Being a good mom means pointing out how well they control their own computer
time ...

But what about when they choose to miss breakfast after the whole family left
for breakfast without them

What about making decisions that are not right on a family vacation

So I realize it comes down to the rules of the family vacation.

I learn I need to make clear the rules of the family vacation.

Kids, i will say, one rule of this family vacation
is we all go to the prepid breakfast together or between the hours
of 830-930am and In order to manage your own computer time, and in order to keep the schedules that are planned this is a rule you need to follow.

I am happy in life to be raising six children with my husband and have him today
help me grow and come to realize this new thought.

I will be clear on my rules and hope to be just as able to ask my children what
are their rules that I can help them with to make them have a better time !

Be a supermom today !

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