Monday, May 3, 2010

on being a Supermom

On being a SUPERMOM

Saturday Morning is just not the same as School Mornings and for those working mothers school and work mornings. Even more the reason to
Enjoy Saturday mornings that much more. Sure I want to be supermom all the time, so when the four year old says, mom, I want to spend time with you, it makes me melt…….but it’s Very Early Saturday morning and I have all day to be a great mom. I

What do you to for yourself on Saturday Mornings? What do you want to do?

*I want to sneak out with the dog……alone……walk to the deli and get a bagged coffee and a buttered roll and sit on the steps of the Museum and feel the morning !

Our children are constantly demanding us to do for them. When you fill yourself up with love and peace and do some of the things you want to do, there is JUST MORE TO GIVE.

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Nicola said...

Thanks for the reminder, I can smell the fresh morning air while sitting on the stone steps, I have to remember that more often, we have to fill ourselves up to be able to give even more!