Saturday, May 22, 2010

On Children Fighting

“My nine year old just punched my eight year old in the back. Eight year old comes in cryingtelling me what has been done.(WE HAVE ALL BEEN HERE)I ask first
Is there anything I can do to help you, how bad are you hurting” Second I ask to see the nine year old. I asked the nine year old " Why he needed to hurt his brother this morning, he said “Where did he say I punched him” I said "So I hear you punched him" and he said “It didn’t even hurt him”

Now here is where I say “ I am sorry you feel it matters where you punch him, and I am sorry you feel that he wasn’t hurt, but those are your feelings. His feelings are he was punched and it did hurt.

Then I add "and you know, and I know and he knows thats wrong."

Then I say, "You need to ask him how you can make him feel better, you need to apologize for touching him"...........

i dont want to
create a suitable punishment, Because I want you to take care of it and take resonsibility of what you did.

I dont want to to forced to create a suitable punishment, but I will to keep order in this house !

If i become mean mommy I am just another pawn in the game of hurting!

Be a SuperMom today !

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gfcfmom said...

Ahh...the age old battle between siblings. Another excellent post which I can really use in my house. How do you know when to ignore little things because they are minor and when to intervene? It all seems to come so naturally to you.