Monday, May 17, 2010

For New Yorkers Only

For New Yorkers Only

Life in New York is funny! I just realized that, for the most part, you can have everything done in the home for you, without ever stepping out the front door. As my hair is blown dry for a celebration of a friend’s daughter’s 13th birthday, I sit at my desk and appreciatively contemplate everything that was done this weekend, and all within the walls of my home.

A car was rented and delivered to my house so we could drive to the Taylor Swift Concert, and the same car was later conveniently picked up; a Yoga Teacher visited to help four of my friends and me to properly stretch on our own mats; a guitar teacher and a piano teacher both came and left within the last 48 hours to work with my children; dinner was cooked in our kitchen for my brother’s family’s arrival dinner party; and an on-call doctor was even summoned to my home to test for strep in our house, as two friends had called to say they have it.

What makes me able to point out all of these items is that they cost no different then if I were to go out and secure the same things: Lets Review:

-Car rental drop off fee was the same cost as a Taxi to the west side location
-Yoga teacher for the hour was $40.00 divided by four people means we pay $10
-Guitar teacher and Piano teachers rates the same as in a studio
-Dinner was cooked for $20.00 an hour , two hour time frame for 13 people
better then a restaurants rate with groceries
-The on Call Docter was the same as a weekend docter visit at a clinic that doesnt take insurance (an insures other kids dont get sick on Monday in School if I can avoid it )

As I write this post, I think about the fact that, when I was younger, I would write, ‘when you live in New York you do not need a large space, as Manhattan, the city, is your home, and your apartment is just a space for sleeping, changing and personal time, within your larger home - New York City. Things certainly have changed in my life! In raising six children, you need a large home, but you still need to enjoy the city and all that it has to offer. You need to either venture out of your home on a regular basis or just move to the suburbs!

It’s all about finding the perfect balance that is right for us all!

Enjoy New York City, and be a supermom today!

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