Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the aftermath of Mothers Day

So many people have asked me, so what was mothers day like for you. I am sure
the visions that they have in their heads while asking me the question is very different from what actually took place.

ACCEPTANCE and learning the languages of Love of your children and the balance of expectations, the teaching of the importance of rituals, and connection to the family,

Thats what Mothers Day means to be.

For my oldest child, the thirteen year old, IN Puberty, and the development of their own budding personalities, makes any demands outside themselves .....lets say a sensitive issue......My son knows how important grooming is to me.
My gift from my oldest son was the ability to cut his nails, toes and fingers. You can bet it took quite a long time and a nice chat was exchanged.

For the twelve year old, I told him the night before he would be completely in charge of making sure his brothers know tommorow is mothers day. It might sounds like too much of a responsibility, but I know he HEARS me give him that responsibility as a gift back! He printed Happy Mothers Day signs, set his alarm, woke early and hung signs everywhere for me !

From the ten year and eight year old, I received gift certificates for extra special time and a "do whatever you ask" card

For six and four year old drew me pictures which I already framed and put in their treasure boxes already !

Now Dad had everyone march into the bedroom with a different color bouquet of Roses. We spent a a great deal of time laying all the Roses out on the floor and arranging assorted flower arrangements with love and care for all the rooms in the house.

Then we went to Ironman, and took up the entire row at the Loews !

It was a great day !

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gfcfmom said...

Love the gift certificates and the painter on sabatical in me loves the roses in every color. Inspiring me to do a post on dinner time at my house--which I am sure is much less impressive than everyone imagines from my blog about food.