Friday, May 28, 2010

On Car Trips

As I get ready for a road trip I sit and consider how important this trip is to our first day (out of two) of our vacation.

I have many friends who are getting ready to drive to the Hamptons, to the Shore and to their Conneticut Houses...


*Garbage Bag, tied up to the seatbelt holder serves as garbage bag and sick emergency bag

*Dc converter adapter to plug into cigarette lighter and converts cigarette lighter to two plugs. (from radio shak about $20.00)

*an extention cord to send to the back of the car for the kids to use.

*Phone charger (which I plug into second plug from coverter box)

*Headset or speaker phone system for talking safely while driving

*DVD players and headphones

*Sports Ice Pack bag filled with cold waters and juices

*Non Crummy Snacks like Fruit -- Fruit Rollups.

*EasyPass(Even if you rent cars you can still have your own easypass. I keep
Mone on my desk and make sure to travel with it for all road trips)

*Hand Sanitizer amd toilet tissue or napkins or wet wipes


I also make sure to pack Milk and Cookies incase we are forced to arrive somewhere late and there is no food to be gotten. It seems like Milk and Cookies are a memorable night time snack to serve in the room before we brush our teeth and retire for the night

Happy travels !

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