Friday, May 14, 2010



One must plan ahead, especially if you are on a budget. If you book weekends to the Bahamas and get the Jet Blue $99.00 each way fare it becomes reasonable but if you book last minute and only the $249.00 each way fare is available? Travelling with six children I must plan, and I must book ahead!

But what about the STAYCATION……Memorial Day weekend is coming up and I have already contacted several hotels in the popular weekend destinations where one can fly direct from New York in under 4 hours. The Hotel rates are increased by about 50% due to the holiday weekend. The airfares are all over $500.00 round trip per person.
We did some driving trips, but the traffic was horrific…

Two years ago we drove Memorial Day Weekend to PINEGROVE Dude Ranch. More than one person told me they went there with their parents when they were young….and it hasn’t changed a bit in 30 years. We only rode horses for one hour during the three day weekend and we all slept in one room with two king’s size beds and two bunk beds, and some roll always!
Another year it was HERSHEY PARK in Pennsylvania….at the Hotel Hersey…but check that everything is open, visited friends in the Hamptons…and fought lines all weekend

THE STAYCATION, a chance to just stay home, not a weekend, but a HOLIDAY!
Create an itinerary of FAMILY ACTIVITIES that you might have never done together. Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty while the Torch is still open. Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry; see an off Broadway show while you are downtown, go to the seaport, picnic together in the park.

Start a STAYCATION business within your communities where you create itineraries using services of people within your community to support each other. Have flowers made for your home during your staycation, have food delivered, invite friends over, wear matching clothes, take your Christmas Picture on the East River !

The activities are endless! STAYCATION…..just the word brings a feeling of relief!

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