Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Dads

Samuel S. Liebowitz Quotes:

"If mothers would understand that much of their importance lies in building up the father image for the child, the children would turn out well."

.......I want to change the end to the children (boys) would turn out to be great fathers!

Isn’t the ultimate compliment in motherhood to be succeeded by your daughter who herself becomes a happy and successful mother but as a mother you need to make sure to turn out successful fathers of your sons, and you need to make the role of father is
seen as a successful position. One that receives Great Respect, one that speaks of great fun.

The more praise you give your husband in front of your children about what great fathers they are, the more attractive the position stands in their day they will be great Dads too.

I am not home this morning; I left the entire job of getting six children to school to my husband, and the morning breakfast helper! A task I do every day of my life, and have gotten right after many years; Do I actually expect everything to run as smoothly as when I am there?

I remain unsurprised when I hear everyone home in the background at 8:30am. I hear of the rain and try to get off the phone as fast as possible. I wonder if the fact that I wasn't there last night either, and everyone’s voices were in the background at 10:00pm had anything to do with it.

But its one night, and I had to go away. I want my children to think only that
they had a special stay up late night with Dad, and Dad hired a car service to get us to school in the rain so we would not have to walk to the corner to find a cab and the service was late !

There is No benefit in thinking anything else!

Dad is great and Gives me lots of special Treats! That's a good feeling to let my kids enjoy, don’t I give my children lots of Special TIME in different ways? What if my husband didn’t allowed me to have special time during the hours he was support us......

I love my husband, and I want him to be a successful Dad as much as I want my children to be happy!

And so do you!

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