Sunday, May 2, 2010

On Travel

On Travel

Different Schools close at different times. There is am amazing place 90 miles door to door just on the other side of the Delaware Water Gap. To get there basically you take the George Washington Bridge to 95 to 80W and travel to the Delaware water gap. Then you travel about 10 exits and get off at the GREAT WOLF LODGE.

This is a 100,000 square foot indoor and outdoor water park. It is really quite amazing to spend the night and heres what you do:

When school is out for you, but not out for everyone in Penn or New Jersey and not everybody in New York City for that matter, pick a midweek night. The reason you are travelling mid week is because Weekends are packed. Also midweek is half the price. You can leave on around 3pm on a Tuesday. (This is also great for a midweek closed day of school during the year). You get there check into your room. Make sure to ask for amusement/water park level. It’s WORTH IT to be on this floor. (You can also move your car to park outside the back of your room for easy leaving through the sliding back doors of the accommodation)

Water Park all night long! I don’t let the children into the arcade until the next day. The money just goes too fast, and I still have the next day!

Then when the kids are ready to bed, the next morning is Buffet breakfast and Magic Quest in PJs. A Treasure hunt around the hotel with a magic wand that opens certain quests and shows you whats inside! Waving your wand could open a treasure box!

Then its meet in the lobby to make your own KARAOKE DVD TAPE singing your favorate song!
Then we get dressed and head into the arcade where games spit out tickets for prizes.

Then back into the water park, checkout of the room before we enter (or pay a fee for a late checkout). After the water park, when the children are sufficiently exhausted I welcome the sounds from the DVD players in the back of the car while I drive home.

A successful mission!

A few tips:
-Bring fruit, bananas, apples, healthy drinks, bottles of water for the room
-Bring something to hang on your room door as the kids have wristbands to open their rooms, but the room numbers are not on the wristbands and all the room doors look the same
-Bring Friends. The kids love to buddy with their friends in the water park !
-Bring your own towels, as they don’t let you leave the water park with the water park towels and its cold in the hallways
-Bring two bathing suits as it’s hard to get near the dryers to dry the ones you wear the night before. If you have a wet suit, or swimming shirt, its better, NO BIKINIS in the water park ladies!

Have Fun!

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