Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Creating Memories

What do we do with the ARTWORK ?

The endless artwork that comes home every day from school, in their cubbies, in their backpacks?

Today I saw myself holding up a piece of paper with a crayon mark on it, that was it, one mark in the center of the page.and I was caught by my son, embarrased that I was sharing his work with others?

Heres some tips:

Creating Memories websites allow you to scan in all standard paper sizes and create artwork books which are a copy of their original artworks. What I have done for years is copy the best of Kindergarten or the Best of Nursery School and take their class picture of that year as the cover page.

Another Tip is

This is an amazing site where you can take pictures or videos and send them via video tapes or discs of pictures and they can create a video on the pictures with classic music in the backround.

Can you send them the pictures? Weekly? I dont think so, I have a closet lined with artwork. Just the other day I found amongst the artworks a q-tip painting my seventh grader did in first grade (we dont clear out the art work that often...its a big closet) and framed it and put it in their treasure boxes.

The treasure boxes is another great TIP on how to save a childs treasures. They pick of few of their special artwork pictures and put it in their treasure boxes.
Its a great box to pull out when relatives visit for the child to create conversations !

Enjoy creating your memories !

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gfcfmom said...

Just catching up on your posts. I LOVE this one. Especially the part about your son catching you sharing his crayon mark in the center of the page. I will have to check out Creating Memories.