Wednesday, June 2, 2010

on Creating Memories/Summer Travel

Here is a super, easy, efficient way to look ahead, create memories, and feel good about your summer activities.

**The first step is purchasing a new sd card for your camera. 2G for under $20.00 is all your need to begin. You will mark this SD card in a sharpie with a big STAR.

(The reason you are purchasing a new sd card is we all know that on your existing card are an assortment of pictures from this play, that dinner, this birthday, that school event that you can not erase and not ready to sort out.)

**Next find the charger for the camera battery and put it into the electrical outlet next to where you keep your phone charger. Also write on the side with a sharpie CAMERA BATTERY AND THE SAME STAR

(Why the star, represent something good)

**When school ends on graduation day, and you take your pictures,of the last day of school, (take a few from the classroom too, the following week of things you do together, the day in the park with the fountains open and stop!

Heres the trick, STOP RIGHT THERE

**Connect your camera to the computer and a window will pop up. It will pop up because it will recognize a devise is being plugged into the computer. It will ask what you want to do. You can press the option DOWNLOAD PICTURES. When you press this option it will automatically download the pictures and ask you to name the file.
You can name it:

2010 Childs Graduation/Last day of school/First Days of Summer


How that your pictures are on your computer you can go to or or American and follow the instructions towards the SIMPLE PATH to transfer the pictures from your computer to their site and they will AUTO FILL them into a pre created album which you can call:

2010 Childs Gratuation/Last day of school/First Days of Summer

And begin your hardcover book memories today!

You can also print pictures, posters, mouse pads, fathers day gifts, camp tee shirts from all these sites !

Notice you have to erase the pictures from your sd camera card. Because dealing with each event, each book, one at a time will make the task managable and fun !

Have fun creating memories today!

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