Friday, June 11, 2010

On Parenting Books

In packing for our summer travels I noticed the heaviest bag was my personal bag.
Included in this bag were the following items:

Travel Paperwork
Pencil holder with pencils, markers,Tape

Lots of lots of books. A novel my friend recommended, parenting books,
Children books,magazines to catch up reading on, guide books for the
destinations we are travelling to... HEAVY.

I went first to Best buy and purchased the SONY READER. The sony reader has two versions, the standard version which you have to download books to your computer and then hook up this devise and transfer them to it. --NOT

The second version you can download books straight to the devise but every book I put in to search was not in the SONY READER Library.

I returned it immmediately. I went on line and purchased a KINDLE. Delivered straight to my door the following morning I have been able to load in everything from the THREE LITTLE PIGS to "Have a New Kid by Friday", to the USA TODAY as well as high lights on MISSOLA, Montana !

The best part of this devise is that when your eyes are tired of reading , you can close them and have the READ TO ME audio function kick in and the book will read to you.

The second best part of this devise is you can highlight and move quotes and inspirational words into a folder for viewing later!

I recommend the KINDLE for travellers this summer !

Enjoy !


gfcfmom said...

I LOVE our Kindle. I agree, it is great for travelling. Also, you can turn off the wireless function on the back when you aren't transferring information. I would recommend NURTURE SHOCK if you haven't read it to add to your collection of parenting books. Hope you are having fun on your trip! Our Kindle doesn't have the "read to me" function. That must be on the newer versions.

Laura Rose said...

thanks for the insight- i was wondering about kindle.