Monday, July 26, 2010

on Summer

Hello again from Mommy Wommy ! At first I was unable to write as we were trapped in the luxuries of summer in a tent aside the Blackfoot River in Montana.

PAWS UP Resort in Rivercamp tent accommodations is an amazing experience where the campsite is the downtime activity, while you are escorted away during the mornings to engage in

*Painting the white horses
*A Cattle Drive
*ATV along the sage frosted mountains
*Mountain biking to a ghost town (downhill the whole way)
and a whole lot more

The tents were permanent structures and with our large crowd
they even had seperate bedrooms to fit us! The mornings were graced by the beauty
of gods creations in this big sky country....and by "HAL" who was waiting outside my tent with a hot cup of coffee in the mornings ....letting us know breakfast was

Now here settled in Sea Island, Georgia where we spend a prim and proper southern ^ six weeks, in a seaside cottage, I return to my computer, to my blog, with new ammunition, renewed life force after downloading and skimming through about 100 books on my kindle and after being in the closest of quarters with my six children at various stages of their lifes.

We update the ages moving forward to read like this

13 12 10 9 6 4

Are you being the best mom you can be, read on for great summer tips as we return to the dailing postings!

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