Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On Teenagers

What makes a 13 year old boy, walk 8 miles home from the golf course?

The new guy who drives the shuttle had wrongly advised him when he went to board
After playing 7 hours of golf in the georgia sun that
Cottage guests can not ride the shuttle, only hotel room guests.

13, Five feet, nine inches, one hundred and 20 pounds, enrolled in jr member golf academy at a five star golf resort....who has been playing golf there for 5 years... accepts this statement as the final word....and walks home!

Now even when we, the parents,follow up, gently inform the transportation department of their error, and even when we make sure that all drivers are being properly tipped ( since the kids haven't carried money)
The 13 year old continues to ride his bike the 8 miles each way to the golf course....his brother takes the shuttle.

Is this the only way he can find independance? So I nether support or deny him this need. He rides is bike to his golf camp and back and that's what he does.

"Whatever u decide is fine with me"

Its hard as a parent not to continue to tell my son how ridiculous it is to have someone else effect his life ... That these are the obstacles he will face ......but I too must grow and understand that guidance must be paired with sensitivity and understanding of my sons struggle towards independence.

Next time I won't call the transportation department
Or over tip the drivers
I will make the suggestion for him to do those things

And help him to see a mistake
Doesn't have to mean a confrontation, just a correction

People communicate in many
Different ways as adults.

Even if u haven't seen by experience yet, you can create your own experiences
And draw strength !

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