Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Camp

I was about to press the button on my computer to purchase the delta airlines
UNACCOMPANIED MINOR ticket for my twelve year old to travel from Savannah, Georgia to Spartanburg, North Carolina for his two week summer camp experience.

He would have been met at the gate by the camp and brought safely to opening day !

When your twelve year old says to you "Mom, I really would like you to take me to camp", whether you have one child or six children, you go !

How are my children suppose to respect and understand what is important to me if I dont respect and respond to what is important to them.

So at 4:00pm we left and arrived at the Comfort Inn, closest to camp, at 10:30pm
after renting a convertible that had sirrus radio and listening to POP/RAP most of the way ! A stop for McDonalds and two for gas (which he pumped as I was glued
literally to the leather seats !)

and there I was, in a car lineup for Opening Day! I was a proud parent about to tuck my child away in the safety of these Carolina Woods !

As we walked towards the main lake, a noticed a sign above the cantena. I snuck over to deposit some money for the 12 year old and bought the LOGO SHORTS of the camp. I grabbed a sharpie (as any mom would do) and wrote his name on the label. I hurried up to catch up with him as he was walking towards the woods. I showed him the shorts, he didnt want them, gave him a big hug and watched him walk to the cabins on his own ! he looked back and so did I!

....What he didnt see was me hang the mess logo camp shorts with his name on them up the IROQUIS flagpole !

I hope he laughs when someone takes down the shorts and he finds out they are his!

By the way....he flies home unaccompanied minor!

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