Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on Travel

I keep counting, the children and it seems while the number remains the same, we are getting smaller. We, the travelling unit of children, are reducing our size.

Today, for example, no one blinked when they showed us to a booth that had room for three on one side and three on the other with a chair at the end. As everyone slid in to the booth, ready to order, all on the same page, it was more important to get the order in than to worry about the seating arrangements.

Only when the bed times caused some of us to read while the others went to sleep did any one question why we only had one room when we usually get two. Granted this child friendly hotel caters to larger sleeping arrangements, but we are down scaling our needs as we travel together and are needs become more refined as a group.

A family! This must be what is meant of a family vacation bringing people together.

Tonight I sleep in a queen size bed with my four year old, the twelve year old in the pull out couch next to me, the "KIDS CABIN" which is an upper bunk bed for the six year old, under her the 9 year old and across from them the ten year old.
Finally the thirteen year old in a single blowup bed across the room.

A family, we are in such close quarters, I have this great chance to be the mother I want to be. Tonight I pray;

"Therefore since we are surrounded by such great witness let us throw off
everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and let us run
with perserverance the race marked out for us
(HEB 12:1)

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