Thursday, August 5, 2010

On Summer Ending

Living in New York City there is a very different energy than living in a
Country Club Southern Georgia Beach front resort.

Some people live here year round. There is a private school called Federica
Academy which caters to the children of this community.

And what would life be like then, would it really be the continuation of summer ?
We might be playing tennis, but would it feel the same
When it would be sandwiched inbetween denist appointments for braces
adjustments, school pickups and dinner-homework time.

As I lounge here, typing my post on the phone, I sit besides my two older sons,
who are squenched up besides eachother
Sharing something
Communicating with eachother
In a language they will always
Speak to eachother

Feeling their lov , seeing their wide white eyes, their smiles.....

I'm leaving here soon, and it makes me yearn to stay.

Maybe I am yearning to stay in this feeling of connection and love with my
children around me !

I will take the time I have left in this place, in this summer, to be
The best I can be, to myself, to my husband and to my family.

I am thankful for the time I have spent in this fabulous place and grateful for
all the people around us this summer who have made it even more special !

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Anonymous said...

oh yes, there is no place like that South Georgia Island....I could relate in so many ways. And yes, when my mother did live there full time, raising two boys, it was much harder to fit in those relaxing afternoons at the beach club! Hope you and your family are enjoying "home". See you next summer! julie