Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Ontario

Some tips on crossing the boarder to Canada.

*Did you know you need a letter from your husband
if you are crossing the boarder alone with your
six children?

I think it would be worse if you tried crossing with only two. You see
not even the boarder control guards believed that i was the birth mother
and guardian of all these young children. First they verified this information when I presented their passports, then they proceeded to ask me if I am leaving my husband and fleeing with my children to Canada.....I think even the border control guard chuckled just a bit when he asked this standard question.

We entered Ontario, Canada and drove straight down Victoria Road to the great Wolf Lodge. Now 200 tokens later I am in Bed, watching a Pay-Per-View and I am queen !
Everyone is assigned to everyone.....Everyone wants tokens, I am more than happy to abide.

If I didnt expect to give my children tokens, then I should have not pulled into this place to begin with. My best advise is to create a token plan.

Start Fresh. Everyone gets the same amount of tokens, maybe the older kids a few more for watching the younger ones. Dont hold any old behavior over anybody.

I gave my credit card to the ten year old for him to use the credit card machine to get the 200 tokens and divide them up amongst everyone. What a great chance I have to show how much I trust this child. What a great opportunity for him to feel responsible about his new wallet which he carries everywhere. It now holds mom's credit card. She Trusts me. I am responsible. I feel proud of myself.

What can you do today to make your child feel responsible and proud?

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