Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On competition

Just before my Tennis Lesson, I disconnected the blue cable that runs from the black blinking INTERNET box and the LYNSKYS box that was located behind the dresser here in our summer cottage.

I tied it around my waist and I said :


Now I know it is not right to just jump into a situation where my children are all off in their own personal hyponoptic states:

My four year old on my blackberry playing Brickbreaker
My six year old watching the nine year old over the shoulder playing angry birds
My ten year old playing planets verses zombies
(the twelve year old is still at camp until Friday)
The thirteen year old, watching episodes on the internet of
a crude aminated cartoon tv series which is not allowed on the
TV due to its content and the ages of the children in our house)

I stated anyone who wants to beat me best of three games to twenty one
in Tennis. The instructor can keep score and serve the ball in will get the cord back....and I will say nothing until we leave here!

If they loose, they come with me for 30 minutes every day to play tennis until we leave! No cord !

Sure I was confident! My children are GREAT ATHLETES but I have been playing Tennis EVERYDAY ! I have always played tennis, but not very well. I have been learning to play tennis, REAL TENNIS here, maybe for the first time, and my kids know I have played every day.

So if I beat them, I teach them that if you practice something every day you can get good, and if I loose, then they can enjoy the victory and I will have no guilt...(about their computer playing time, not loosing.)

And I get the added bonus of playing tennis with them everyday !

I won and the computer cable was laid to rest !

Today at 1:00pm the competition continues. The computer wire will be waiting ontop of white towels at the end of an Olympic Size Pool. Our swimming instructor will be the judge of the race between anyone who wants to beat me in swimming one lap for the wire!

If they loose they play Tennis with me everyday for the full hour.

Im gonna buy a speedo now !

Have a great Day !

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gfcfmom said...

I am on the edge of my seat dying to know what happened with your competition. Your kids must be impressed by your tennis at this point. Can't wait to hear more.