Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Travel-on the road

Its 1:30am and we are in Saratoga Springs. The room is finally quiet.I am
thinking at one o'clock tommorow we will be at the races
And this moment will be long gone...and I must, to be real and fair, post all the
sides of raising six children.

We attempt the marathon drive from the border of Canada at Niagra Falls,Ontario across the state of New York..after a morning in the water park at the Great Wolf Lodge.

We have an RV, so while the kids are making raviolis in the microwave, seeking
wifi signals and watching videos, I drive onward...towards our next adventure.

I arrive at the hotel desk alone, and I check into a three queen bedded room
and ask for a crib to be delivered to the room with extra towels and pillows.

I return to the rv and have the children go straight to the elevator,
The twelve year old has a fever.

I transfer the 4 year old naked,half asleep, wrapped in a towel, after I stripped him of his wet clothing from drinking too many bottles of milk while asleep in the RV.

We head to the room. I put the 4 year old in the crib, the twelve year old in
the bathrub with tylenol and a bottle of water and I have the 13 year old
babysit the 6,9 and 10 year old who are all in seperate queen size beds.

I go to the rv and sort out pj and clothes for the races tommorow !
I clean up the rv, wipe the counters and floor, throw out the garage and make it
fresh and ready for the morning !

When I get to the room I can hear the children from the end of the
hallway....and I hear laughter but I sense the sound might not be as appealing
to other guests now that its 1130pm

The twelve year old threw up, the four year old woke up and the ten year old is
standing in the hallway
Because he broke the one rule he agreed to and he knew the consecquenses.

Anyone who touches anyone else while I am away goes in the hallway until my work is done.

I say goodnight and they still chitty chat, I need not demand quiet, I put my
headphones in and listen to calming music.

I thank them for being on this trip with me and I tell them I choose to be here
with them and so grateful I have that choice.

Someone says, "Mom, u have to be here!" And I think silently day....they
will realize otherwise and make the same choices with their children.


Dani Foster Herring said...

Enjoying reading about your adventures! I'm a homeschooling mom to 4 sons and would love to be able to travel as you do...maybe one day. *smile* Take care! Dani

gfcfmom said...

My husband always says "It's always an adventure with you." Sound like it is always an adventure with sick kids. "Never a dull moment" is another expression I like to think of as I am cleaning up after the craziness of kids and pets. Hope the races are fun.

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

You are an inspiration! Listening to your accounts of traveling with your whole family is so amazing.

Your last comment here is really powerful. So often people take for granted their families, and the fact that you cherish each one of your children, along with recognizing how important each one is own their own as well as together as a unit is really incredible!

I started a blog this summer too! Check it out when you get a chance...can't wait to hear all about your summer...see you in September!