Sunday, August 22, 2010

on Road Trips

It was Friday morning,
the BLUE VAN (which has 12 seats and enough room for
luggage, picks us up to take us to the airports
EVERY TIME. Its $100.00 to JFK and they are always on
time 1-800-bluevan)

We have one way tickets to ROCHESTER, NY which we got
for about $61.00 per person on US AIR

We have DAVID from the RV RENTAL CENTER in Rochester, New York
meeting us with a 28 foot self drive recreational vehicle.

The load the 9 sports size green matching duffle bags and 3 black body size duffle bags. The body bags are filled with the sleeping bags, tents and camping gear and get stored in the belly of the RV. The personal green duffle bags go
inside the shower stall and are loaded in the RV curbside at Rochester Airport
and we head on our way west !

Every ONE child has one bag with all their clothes
There is ONE extra bag with all swimming gear,goggles,towels,floaties
One bag is for me
and one more bag for sneakers and toiletries

There we are, on the road with no reservations. We know we are going to visit NIAGRA FALLS and we know we are going camping, and thats all we know !


We check into a hotel room with three queen beds that is attached to an AMUSEMENT PARK similar to Six Flags and Action park Water Park combined .

What could be better.....................

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