Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On Communication

"If we want to be influential, than we have to first bring ourselves under control.
Only then can we choose our response. Only then can we choose how we want to behave regardless of how our children behave"

"We are much less responsible for our children then we have ever been told, however we have a far greater responsibility to our children than we have ever realized"

"Our biggest struggle as parents is not with the television,not with the computer and not even with drugs and alcohol. Our biggest struggle as parents is our own reactivity. Thats is why the greatest thing we can do for our kids is to learn to focus on us, not them. Instead of trying to CONTROL our kids, lets consentrate on
what we can control--calming our emotional knee-jerk reactions"

These are some quotes from a great book I just finished by Hal Edward Runkel
called "Scream Free Parenting, the revelotionary approach to raising your kids by keeping your cool !"

Enjoy the rest of your summer and enjoy reading !

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