Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I notice as I share what the priorities are this week, with my friends, I spend most of my time
sharing about the details of what is happening in my life, which probably involved all the extra
things that need to get done which include:

*Camp Packing
*Docters appointments and forms for camp
*Re-enrollment forms for Schools
*Vacation Coordinating
*Summer Schedules

Am I missing Graduation Week all together with this mind set ?

My Six year old today will eat in the Cafeteria for the First Time. Kindergarten
packs lunches every day and here, Today, he will get a "taste" of first grade.
Just mentioning it in the ride to school, makes me remember to celebrate it when he gets home !

Maybe I will create a snack in his lunch box and leave it on the counter and we could say goodbye
to the old lunchbox we used in Nursery and K two years already.....

Though just writing in this blog today, I want to remind you and remind myself that graduation week means so much more than the stress of the added details every mother faces .

What can you do to be part of the graduating process for your children !

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