Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being a mother of six

Being a mother of six has given me a chance to identify with two completely
different sets of three children....I ponder now....

Five years ago my oldest three children were in the same positions as my younger three children. It gives me a chance to reflect, do i respond the same in parenting situations? How have I grown? What have I learned? In areas where responses are exactly the same, is it because that the only way I can see how things should be?
Can I see how things are and accept them that way when i see them coming around again the same way?

I am about to depart of the NICK CRUISE, a NCL mega ship that is sailing from New York City with my three younger children. There are a lot of lessons here for me

*I am sending the message to my older three children, that now they are in upper
school, they have a responsibility to their academics and can not miss any school
even if its just three days for this .

*I am sending the message to the younger children, that they are just as important as the older children because the older children speak of THEME STYLE vacations that they were went on at this age

*I have a chance to interact with my 5-7-9 year old children in ways that will create memories they will never forget...the 5 year old and I are signed up for
THE "pie in the face with your mom" game, the other two will play against me
in NICKS SLIMETIME LIVE show and who knows what game will be picked ! Neverless it will be unforgettable!

*I have a chance to start a new routine with the younger three that can carry into our home life. I have been thinking about the 9 year old reading to the younger two
in a dramatic way to settle them down before I come in at bedtime.

*I carefully picked out brain quests, 1000 questions for kids,Scrabble Junior,
and even CD nighttime stories for when I pass out!

I will spend today making sure the older children are ready for the responsibilities of staying behind !

Happy Presidents Day weekend !

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gfcfmom said...

Your trip sounds AMAZING! Impressive that you are able to arrange everything while supervising 6 kids! I have trouble packing up for 2 kids and myself--I honestly don't know how you do it all so effortlessly and gracefully. Enjoy every crazy moment. Looking forward to post cruise post.